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About Us

MISSION: Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community

In Atlanta, a large majority of urban youth lack even one caring adult in their life, leading directly to increased dropout rates, unemployment, crime, and other roadblocks to their success. Elevate has proven effective in changing these trends and transforming the lives of our nation’s youth.  Elevate Atlanta is launching using the same model that has been successful across the U.S. to help change the outcomes for students in our city.

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What We Do

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Accredited Classes

Full time teacher-mentors teach ACCREDITED ELECTIVE high school and junior high classes in public high schools.These classes incorporate 13 vital character qualities and life skills into our daily classroom curriculum through experiential learning, group activities and discussions. These qualities and skills are designed to develop the personal character, leadership abilities and capabilities needed for success.



Teacher-mentors spend 50% of their time mentoring high school and junior high student after school, weekends and throughout the summer. They pay attention to the WHOLE CHILD, discovering their talents, interests and hopes for the future, and then investing in those through activities and time together. Through these positive and caring relationships, students begin to care and invest in their futures.

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Elevate students develop teamwork and leadership skills year-round by participating in outdoor activities after-school, on weekends, and during the summer. These programs allow students to build confidence in their own abilities by exploring experiences outside their comfort zone. This adventure component also challenges students to utilize their in-classroom training in practical ways.


College & Career

At Elevate we know that high school graduation day is just the beginning. We provide support to students taking their next steps by assisting with the

Career planning
College scholarships
Admission applications process
Running interview practice sessions
Exam preparation

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What makes us unique

Teacher-Mentors representive of students

Teacher-mentors are hired from the community or similar backgrounds, so they can relate to the students and serve as role models.

Cross Age Mentoring

High school students visit a local elementary school each week to to teach the same character qualities and life skills they are learning in class; becoming leaders and role models.

Year-round Programming

Programs are not limited to the school year, but offered year around.

Long term relationship approach

Teacher-mentors work with students from year to year, allowing for a "pipeline" of influence from 4th through 12th grade.

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What Happens When Elevate Shows Up?

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Whether you measure it in academic outcomes, lives changed, or the cost savings to society, one thing proves true: the Elevate model is effective. Outcomes from Elevate affiliates across the U.S. show the following results.

90% Graduation

The average graduation rate in urban schools across the United States hovers around the 60% mark. For students who participate in Elevate programs for three years or more, the graduation rate can improve to 90%.

86% Post Secondary

Whether these graduates go on to college, technical training or the military. These students are being prepared for future success and leadership in their spheres of influence.

Character Growth

Along with improved school success, a six year longitudinal study conducted by a third party evaluator shows significant growth in all 13 character and life skill areas. This is the basis for CHANGED LIVES.

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Our Status

Early Stages


Community Launch

School Launch

Planned for Spring 2021


Preliminary discussions started with city leaders about starting an Elevate affiliate in Atlanta. 


Elevate Atlanta is in the process of building a founding board of directors in order to raise startup funds and hire an Executive Director.

Planned for Fall 2020

Elevate Atlanta will hire three Teacher-Mentors to begin working in the community with students through school activities and community collaborations.

The Elevate courses will be taught as accredited, elective courses at a high school in the Atlanta area.

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Invest in Atlanta

Make an Impact

We wouldn’t be able to launch Elevate Atlanta without the generous contributions from donors who want to invest in urban youth. Your support has the power to immediately make a difference in someone’s life. All of your support goes towards making a difference, so every penny counts. We look forward to working together!

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Contact Us

Get in touch with Elevate Atlanta to learn more about our work and find out how to get involved. We appreciate your support!


Jim Walsh, Board Member:

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